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The following persons are allowed to use the library:

  • Registered students and staff of AiU
  • Registered Alumni
  • Staff of Albukhary Groups and its subsidiaries
  • Albukhary Orphanage Residents
  • Registered Public Members

Apart from providing and serving the internal AiU community or other categories as listed above, the AiU Library opens its membership to any external parties who are interested in doing reference and research for teaching and learning, organization developments as well as national research and development to achieve our country’s vision and mission.

As a CSR initiative, AiU Library opens its doors to secondary school children in the neighborhood to use the facility for studying purposes. No membership fees will be charged but this special category of users will need to pay for their identification card at a nominal fee. They will not enjoy any borrowing and use of computer facilities or any other library services. However for those who have their own laptops, the Wi-Fi which is installed can be freely used.

Membership Fees

No membership fees will apply.

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