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Business Ethics
Business Fundamental
Core Concept of Marketing
Corporate Finance
CREATE OR PERISH The Case for Inventions and Patents
Electronic Commerce
Guidelines for Improving the Effectiveness of Boards of Director of Nonprofit Organizations
International Business
An Introduction to Organizational Behaviour
Understanding and Managing Organisation Behaviour
Human Resources Management
Human Resources Management
Working in Early Childhood Book 1
What is Early Childhood Education?
Mathematics Learning in Early Childhood: Paths Toward Excellence and Equity
Early Childhood Assessment in School and Clinical Psychology
Psychological perspectives on early childhood education: reframing dilemmas in research and practice
Developmentalism in Early Childhood and Middle Grades Education: Cricital Conversations on Readiness and Responsive
Clinical and Educational Child Psychology
Teaching Compassion: Humane Education in Early Childhood
Open Textbook Library
Free TechBooks
Innovation book for social enterprise ABC
Building Social Business
Social enterprise: An Introduction
The open book of social innovation
Scientific Research
Challenge social innovation: potentials for business, social entrepreneurship, welfare and civil society / Hans-Werner Franz, Josef Hochgerner, Jürgen Howaldt, editors.
An introduction to social entrepreneurship : voices, preconditions, contexts/ edited by Rafael Ziegler
Social Entrepreneurship : what everyone needs to know / David Bornstein
Social entrepreneurship: theory and practice / Ryszard Praszkier, Andrzej Nowak
Social entrepreneurship. What everyone needs to know
How to change the world: social entrepreneurs and the power of the new ideas
social innovation what it is, why it matters and how it can be accelerated
How to Change the World Social Entrepreneurs and the Power of New Idea
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