Category of Collections

Open Shelf

It consists the general books that support learning, teaching and research activities of the university; books on general knowledge, light readings that enriched and developed skills, creativity, spiritual well being, hobbies, etc. They are placed at the open stack and can be accessed freely by members/clients/users. The loan period of this collection depends on the library membership’s category.


Encyclopaedias, dictionaries, yearbooks, indexes and bibliographies are placed under this category. The call number is preceded with ‘REF’. Generally this collection is for in-house reference only. Faculty members may arrange for short loans of this collection for classroom use.

Red Spot

This collection comprises of items in heavy demand or recommended by academic staff for a short-term loan. Besides, a copy of the core textbook titles is also placed in this collection. The loan period of this collection is 24 hours.


This is a special collection of books which are adopted or recommended at the faculty level as the core textbooks.

The English Language & Literature

This collection consists all the English language and literature books, fiction and light reading materials.

The Arabic Language & Literature

This collection consists all the Arabic language and literature books, fiction and light reading materials.

Special Collection

This is the collection of books from individual donors, organisations, institutions, bookstores, publishers, etc.

AV and Multimedia

All audio cassette, audio-visual, video, CD, multimedia materials etc. are placed under this collection.

Online Resources

All the online resources collection will be listed in the library portal under the E-Resources Section.

Archive & Repository

All publications/documents/records published by the AiU Community.


The collection consist of printed serial items such as journals, magazines, reports, yearbooks etc and can be access at the first floor, AIU library building

Lecturer Collection

The literature collection is consist of textbook provide to lecturer for the purpose of teaching and learning process

The Gallery

All the drawings , paintings and art works that are donated to the library.

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