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Loose Titles

Developing Talent in Finance and Accounting through Social Business

Every Business a Social Business: Fantasy or Destiny?

Corporate Social Innovation

30 Most Influential Entrepreneurs of All Time.

8 Social Enterprises Who Are the White Knights in Solving Social Problems in Malaysia.

Social Innovation: A New Frontier.span>

Implementing open innovation concept in social business

Study of e-smile service influence on customers’ satisfaction in social business context

Business format in social entrepreneurships for Bangladesh’s water sector

Social innovations in the German energy transition: an attempt to use the heuristics of the multi-level perspective of transitions to analyze the diffusion process of social innovations

Social network analysis in innovation research: using a mixed methods approach to analyze social innovations

Futures, communication and social innovation: using participatory foresight and social media platforms as tools for evaluating images of the future among young people

Teaching with scenarios: a social innovation to foster learning and social change in times of great uncertainty

Going It Alone Won’t Work! The Relational Imperative for Social Innovation in Social Enterprises

Are Social Innovation Paradigms Incommensurable?

Social innovation in education: BRAC boat schools in Bangladesh

Identifying social entrepreneurship competencies of managers in social entrepreneurship organizations in healthcare sector

Linking Social Entrepreneurship and Social Change: The Mediating Role of Empowerment

An epistemological critique of social entrepreneurship definitions

From Cowboys to Diplomats: Challenges for Social Entrepreneurship in The Netherlands

Developing the Potential for Change: Challenging Power Through Social Entrepreneurship in the Netherlands

Stakeholder theory in social entrepreneurship: a descriptive case study

Institutions and social entrepreneurship: The role of institutional voids, institutional support, and institutional configurations

Social entrepreneurship: the need, relevance, facets and constraints

Corporate Social Innovation

Africa In Need Of New Solutions: Social Entrepreneurship And Franchising To The Rescue

UNICEF And Duke University To Team Up On Menstrual Hygienep

Building Business with Impact and Scale: Highlights from the Max Havelaar Lecture

A Review of Social Innovation Initiatives in Malaysia

Modelling Social Innovation for Young Entrepreneurs Living in the Marginalised Communities in Malaysia

A critical appraisal of the social entrepreneurship paradigm in an international setting: a proposed conceptual framework

REVIEW PAPER Social Entrepreneurship: An exploratory citation analysis

Conceptualizing social entrepreneurship in the context of emerging economies: an integrative review of past research from BRIICS

International Entrepreneurship from an Islamic (Sharia Compliant) Prospective “The Opportunities for Western Economies”

The Academic Corpus on Social Enterpreneurship:A survey of scholarship on Social Enterprise, Social Entrepreneurs andSocial Entrepreneurial Activity from 1988 to 2006

Social entrepreneurship in South Africa : Delineating the construct with associated skills

Social enterprises and organizational learning in South Africa

Evaluation of social enterprise outcomes and self-efficacy

Best Books for Social Entrepreneurs

Impact 2019 focuses on social entrepreneurship, non-profits

EUplifting: This Social Entrepreneur Fought For Equitable Immigration Over 100 Years Ago

Global Enterprise Experience And Social Entrepreneurship

Modelling Social Innovation for Young Entrepreneurs Living in the Marginalised Communities in Malaysia

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